Community Service

Community Service

By lifting up the community and creating social awareness, MLL focuses on philanthropic service to provide an opportunity to practice student talents and learning.

The World Beyond Ourselves

At MLL, the coaches and students together brainstorm, get approvals, set budgets, and implement various service projects each year. For instance, in the 2015/16 school year MLL members chose a service project inside their school: transforming a girl’s bathroom to be more functional and feminine. To complete this service project, the young women worked through the following process:

  • Brainstormed as a group the goals of the project
    • What are the needs?
    • What are the options to fulfill those needs?
  • Wrote a proposal
  • Presented proposal to school authorities to gain school permission
  • Decided colors (the hardest part of this project)
  • Worked on and oversaw the work
  • Celebrated finished bathroom/locker room

For 2016/17, service work is simpler, but more heart centered. Service projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Make appreciation cakes for the teachers and staff of the school
  • Make baby blankets for the nearby crisis nursery
  • Make sandwiches for a food pantry
  • Set up recycle containers throughout the school

“MLL means having self-respect and knowing how to respect others and treat others like how we want to be treated.” - Jessica, MLL Member, Class of 2021