Capstone Event

Capstone Event

MLL ends the school year with a lovely luncheon that provides multiple opportunities for girls to practice skills they learned during the year.

A Luncheon That’s So Much More

End-of-school-year rituals are a common experience for every student in every school in America. For MLL students one of their rituals is a luncheon. But it’s more than just a nice meal and a chance to reminisce about the school year. The year-end luncheon is a part of the curriculum. An event to honor the girls and an opportunity to showcase many of the skills they learned during their mentor year.

The Luncheon demonstrates the following skills, in the following ways:

  • Manners: using proper utensils, greeting adults, making small talk
  • Teamwork & Gratitude: selecting an adult from the school to honor
  • Public Speaking: every girl speaks at a microphone to the group about the adult being honored
  • Personal Responsibility: dressing appropriately for the luncheon, being on time

“We can’t thank you enough for what you are doing, do and have done for the students. Great program and it’s just keeps getting better. I look forward to the day when the girls are out of college, working with careers and come back to mentor with you! Thanks for making a difference in the community!” - Marshall Cohen, Co-founder and Executive Director of Lift for Life Academy