Become a Coach

Becoming a Coach is life-changing for the girls and for YOU!

“Why did I become involved: Because it is in giving that you receive!” – Paula Hart, Coach

What do Coaches/Mentors do?

  • Regularly attend MLL meetings during the school year.  We are flexible on the issue of weekly, every-other week, etc. 
  • Work beside 2-4 girls….support them…..mentor them through the programs during the meeting.
  • Share your success story and be an example for the girls in the program

What does it take to be a Coach/Mentor?

  • Desire to help break a cycle and support the potential of teen girls
  • Patience
  • Sense of Humor!
  • Time
  • Compassion

If you are interested in becoming an MLL Coach/Mentor, or if you would like additional information, please contact us!

"I’ve been working with kids in poverty for 28 plus years. What you all are doing is instrumental in propelling their lives forward and breaking the lives of poverty. What you’ll see is in 10 years, these kids will come back as adults and you’ll be blown away at the seeds you planted. Well done." - Marshall Cohen, Co-founder and Executive Director of Lift for Life Academy